Meet Missi Coil

Meet Missi Coil


They say that behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. This could not be truer than with the Coils. 

Missi is a true multitasking champion! Aside from being a mom to four kids (five if you include Myrick) she has many other priorities on her plate as well, but she manages to balance everything with determination and a positive attitude, with her outlook centered around her life motto, "WHY NOT?" - which is tattooed on her arm.

Her family is her top priority, and she is always there to support her kids and all their activities and interests. Missi shares her love of sports by coaching her kids’ softball and baseball teams. She is a natural leader and motivator, and her coaching has helped her kids and their teammates grow and develop both on and off the field by teaching them valuable life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, dedication and hard work.

In addition to being a busy mom, she is also the ever-present support system to her husband, Myrick for 18 years. Supporting his racing career is a major commitment that she makes every season. She manages his demanding schedule throughout the busy race season and attends every race, often bringing their kids along to share in the excitement and to support their dad. Not only does she attend the races, but Missi is always eager to help in the pits. Whether it is washing the boat or making the team lunch, she is always happy to help.

Despite her busy schedule, Missi also finds time to produce the Boats & Bros Podcast, which includes wrangling in the guests, incessant social media promotions, graphic and marketing design, and meeting the impending deadlines week after week. The skills she has acquired from her previous experience in owning a Screen-Printing company have been instrumental in creating the branding and visual identity for the Boats & Bros Podcast. From the logo design to creating promotional and social media material, Missi has brought her design expertise to every aspect of the podcasts production, ultimately painting the flavor of Boats & Bros Podcast.

As if all of this wasn't enough, Missi also works part-time as a graphic artist, using her creative talents to design logos, websites, apparel and other marketing materials as needed for her clients. She has a keen eye for detail and is always looking for ways to improve her work and exceed her clients' expectations.

All of her endeavors has allowed her to develop excellent organizational and time management skills, which she uses daily to juggle all her responsibilities and commitments. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit make her a joy to be around, while her hard work and dedication are an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve success in their personal and professional lives while still prioritizing their family and loved ones.

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