Meet Myrick Coil

Meet Myrick Coil

Myrick is the driver for the National / World Champion M-CON Monster Energy Class-1 and Supercat teams, and National / World Champion Performance Boat Center / FASS Fuel Diesel Systems Super Stock team, Speedboat Magazine Test Team Driver, and lead shop foreman at Performance Boat Center.

With having more than 20 years invested in the boating industry, his dedication to this sport is unparalleled, and his success on the water is a testament to his skill and determination. Coil has won countless races and earned numerous accolades over the course of his career, but he remains humble and focused on the next challenge.

For Coil, offshore racing is more than just a sport - it's a way of life. It's a passion that drives him to constantly improve and push the boundaries of what is possible on the water. And as both a shop foreman and a racer, he is dedicated to sharing that passion with others and inspiring the next generation of high-performance boat enthusiasts.

Coil is also a family man. Married for 15 years to his wife Missi Coil, and a Father to 4 kids aging from 5-14. The Coil house is never quiet and there is never a dull moment--Between the kids' schedules and Coils racing, the family is constantly on the move. As much as Coil is dedicated to his work, his family always comes first.

Myrick Coil is a true icon of the offshore racing world, a master of his craft both on and off the water. His dedication, skill, and fearlessness have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most talented and respected racers in the industry, and his work as a shop foreman has helped to ensure that Performance Boat Center remains at the forefront of the high-performance boating industry. Whether he's working in the shop or racing in rough waters, Coil is always pushing the limits and setting the standard for what it means to be a true offshore racing champion!


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I bought a Skater at Perf Boat Center and had Myrick Coil with us on setup and testing at the lake. You can tell he is the real deal behind the wheel & throttles. And also a very pleasant guy to be around.

Marty Grantier

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